A leading provider in providing instant storage solutions, Container Specialist is in the business of providing marine containers for several functions.
A bulk of our extensive clientele is from wholesale and retail industries, which uses containers as an innovative solution for both storage and functionality.

We have numerous types of containers including

The possibilities are endless – you can create multi-sensory experiences or build the blocks of an enterprising workspace.
Here are some of the best ways that purchasing or renting containers in Singapore can revolutionise the scope of your workflow and logistical needs in a limited land space.

How to Use Containers in Singapore

Build an Urban Corporate or Retail Haven

Location and options aside, the draw of any retail or corporate avenue lies in its visual appeal. With a coat of paint and the help of artists, container buildings are a great way to breathe life into a fresh new retail lease. Moreover, they are much cheaper to spruce up than to build from an empty plot of land. This has led to the advent of many work and retail spaces in Singapore utilising containers with style, such as Goodman Arts Centre and nightlife space The Deck.

Washrooms for Outdoor Events

The age of dirty, single-door washrooms at events is over. Your events can now be kept sanitary and holistically pleasant with container toilets . Furthermore, you can explore a multitude of customisation options such as air conditioning, multiple cubicles, and mirrors. Almost like you never left a building, these toilets are the best way to ensure that your restrooms at events are able to create the feelings of restfulness instead of the stress that single-door portable washrooms cause at events.

Refrigeration for Perishable Goods

Containers come packaged with protection against electrical supply fluctuations. This, along with their minimal need for maintenance and sturdy structure makes them the perfect, temperature-controlled storage space. That can mean many things, but most beneficially, it means an affordable, large, refrigerator. Freezer containers  and reefer containers  are especially beneficial for businesses in the sectors of cold food and beverage, where freshness is a priority.

Fire Training Sessions

Containers are made with steel, making them combustion-proof. This means that firefighters can initiate a fire for training sessions and keep it within a contained space, particularly in the event of unforeseen circumstances. This is particularly crucial in Singapore, where our shortage for land leaves us unable to afford the damage of any resource.

Why choose Container Specialist?

Instant mobility and 24/7 services

Our hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is to ensure that we are reachable at all times to attend to your needs instantly.

Versatile rental and purchase options

As businesses have different requirements, we have designed our options such that they can adapt to any situation. Choose from

  • weekly, monthly or yearly rentals
  • rental before purchase
  • selling your container back to us after purchase

With our experience in the Singaporean market, we know exactly how to provide for your container needs. Call us now at +65 6438 5200 to learn more.

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